Poinsettia Fundraising


Check out this YouTube video to see some of the unique varieties grown in our green houses!


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ContainerYour CostSuggested Resale Price
6 1/2″ Standard Poinsettia pot with 1 plant with 5 or more blooms$6.95$12.00 – 15.00
8″ Premium Poinsettia pot with 3 plants with 12 or more blooms$14.95$25.00 – 30.00
8” Decorative bowl with 5 Succulents & a Christmas Ornament$12.99$25.00 – 30.00

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Our increase in delivery costs is significant. We are changing our delivery policies to try to save you and us money. We need your order 2 weeks ahead of the WEEK that you want it. We will try to honor your request for a specific day and avoid any day that you cannot take delivery. This way will give us the opportunity to deliver 2 or 3 smaller fundraisers to be the same city on the same day. This will allow sharing of delivery costs. Remember to let us know as soon as you decide you are going to participate. Please attend to the Delivery Charge page and make sure you can meet the minimum order amount for your area. We can try to put you with another order, but we will have to charge the full amount of delivery costs