Care Tips

We have prepared our care tips together with our planting guide to provide you with some best practices for optimal plant growth.


• We recommend that no fertilizer be used initially as the plants can be burned easily.

• Fertilizer recommendation for established plants:

Container: Getting plants started — 15-30-15 Growing — 12-8-26 Finishing 4-31-37

Ground:  Contact your county extension office for soil tests and fertilize recommendations.

Estimating Crop Biomass Yields

• Value based on biomass yield and CBD content.

• Generally expect 1 – 3 lbs per plant

• Ex: At a price of $4 per CBD percent, a pound of biomass with a tested CBD content of 10% would bring $40.

• Yields can vary greatly based on variety and growing conditions.


• We use soil-less rooting media for sterility and high moisture holding capacity

• Your plants will be watered prior to leaving our facility.

• Water frequently if left in tray for more than a few hours.

• Water adequately after transplanting until plants are established.